Customer Spotlight: Coast Tradelines

Coast Tradelines

Coast Tradelines provides reliable and affordable Authorized User tradelines to boost customers’ credit to help them achieve their financial goals.


Coast Tradelines receives thousands of leads every month through their lead generation efforts across a variety of digital channels. Their objective was to improve the conversion rate of captured leads to live sales calls.


In July 2019, Coast Tradelines integrated Tape’s Automated Response product using a combination of Tape’s Zapier Zap and Tape’s Hubspot Integration. This allowed them to enable instant Tape responses from submissions on their Facebook Lead Ads as well as their web forms hosted on their site and on Hubspot.

Yooka, Coast Tradelines’ marketing partner recorded a quick and simple video to use in their outreach.


In just the first 2 months, Tape drove a 3x lift in conversion from lead capture to sales meeting from 7% to 21%. Additionally, recipients of Tape outreach were excited to view the message, boasting a 62% view rate.

What’s Next?

While these results are already very impressive and driving meaningful business results, Trade Coastlines is now working with Tape’s Creative Services team to optimize their campaign by rewriting their script and using a professional actor to record a new video that will better resonate with their target demographic.

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