5 ways to improve SMS marketing with video stories

In 2019, Tape enhanced over 700k SMS messages with our mobile video platform. These enterprise messages were sent by a wide range of customers from insurance providers to prominent political figures who all faced a similar challenge: how do you engage in a way that’s casual enough for the channel yet detailed enough to get an influential message across? Our partners not only solved that issue with Tape but, in many cases, took things a step further in creative and impactful ways. Here are some of our favorite ways customers have used Tape video stories with SMS:

  1. Automated Yet Humanized Lead Response – there is a well-followed concept within sales that emphasizes the importance of making first contact within minutes of capturing a lead. For most teams, that means an email and a phone call. After struggling with phone calls that people rarely picked up and plain, bot-driven text messages, the team at Coast Tradelines was excited they could send a highly relatable sales rep directly to customers for a face-to-face message moments after finding someone was interested in the service. This not only showed a high degree of technological savviness but also drove 2-3x the volume of sales meetings.
  2. Digital Door Knocking – last year, a prominent politician on the national stage was using text messages to engage supporters like most every other politician over the last few years. Tape was able to enhance his texting strategy to turn it from annoying messages to a highly scalable way to introduce himself with eye contact and a much more convincing ask for support. This “digital door knocking”, as it was later referred to, drove far greater donations on a per contact basis and invigorated his community of supporters.
  3. Physical ToursF45, one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world, wanted a way to get interested franchisees excited about the opportunity to open an F45 studio. F45 is a fun an engaging boutique exercise concept that emphasizes great personalities and super fun workouts. Prior to using Tape, it was incredibly hard to share these aspects of the opportunity until much further down the sales funnel. Tape allowed their sales reps to not only introduce themselves immediately but also show them around an actual gym. This interaction using Tape on top of their existing HubSpot SMS setup, provided an accelerated sales experience for everyone involved.
  4. Easy to understand instructions – a next-generation, subscription CPG company found its customers were churning because they were experiencing stomach discomfort after incorrectly taking the product. The product came with explicit instructions on the proper way to consume, yet customers were still complaining and churning. It turns out, the instructions were perfectly clear, but also long & complicated…and people don’t read anymore! By sending video instructions via Tape over SMS, they were able to deliver easy to understand instructions conveyed from a customer success team member at the perfect time. The result was 4% reductions in churn (real money) and much happier customers.
  5. Increased Credibility, Customer testimonials – in many cases, our customers’ businesses rely heavily on building trust and credibility before making a sale. Whether in insurance, financial services, healthcare, or even menswear, the faster a customer trusts you, the faster they will transact. For one of our customers whose new age medical treatment center could sound too good to be true, putting a face to their clinic’s name with Tape helped establish trust immediately. Even better, this clinic had well known celebrity clients and were able to take advantage of the story format to include video testimonials from happy customers to drive that credibility even further.

Try out our product and let us know what you think in the comments and reach out if you think we could help!

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