Customer Spotlight: Pact Insurance

Pact Insurance is a next generation car insurance company that helps modern car owners buy coverage how and when they want it.  Pact’s mobile app streamlines the quote application process and “Pact Pause” ensures customers don’t spend money covering a car they aren’t using.


Pact Insurance uses a mobile app to collect information from customers in a streamlined fashion.  Download the app, take a photo of your license, add a few additional details and Pact will deliver a quote.  As a new insurance brand with fantastic prices, Pact was searching for a way to insert more credibility and trust into the quote delivery process.  Tape allowed Pact’s head of business development to reach out to their mobile-first customers in a very personal way and ensure there were credible people behind the brand who had their best interest in mind.  


The Pact team was interested in creating an automated experience that reached out to their customers after a quote was delivered. They setup a programmatic trigger to send a text message including Tape video to help humanize the Pact Insurance brand and build trust.


The ability to have a human explain the benefits of Pact Insurance to a portion of people that receive insurance quotes is found money for the company. The highly “differentiated customer engagement tool” is what has kept Pact as an engaged customer expanding their usage of the tool and constantly sending product feedback and feature requests to our team.

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