Customer Spotlight: Goodfair

Goodfair is a green eCommerce brand focused on addressing the wastefulness of the fashion industry by selling 100% recycled clothing. The main products they offer are mystery products that allow consumers to buy types of clothing without knowing the exact product they’re getting.  For instance, you can buy a medium flannel shirt but you won’t see a picture of the flannel shirt you’ll receive.


Goodfair’s mission resonates with its consumers who are interested in protecting the environment while purchasing “new-to-them” clothing. Because every single thing Goodfair sells is one of a kind, cataloging and photographing every item they have in stock wouldn’t be economically viable at the thrift price point. The mystery item element of their business is core to fulfilling their mandate of relying on recycled clothing without destroying their operating margins. This presents challenges when it comes to customer satisfaction and return purchases.  Although the mission to protect the environment is a big part of the draw for new consumers, it can be easy to forget that once you’ve gone through the purchase process and eventually receive a product that might not be exactly what you were expecting. Goodfair wanted a personal way to reach out to customers to reinforce their ethos, humanize the brand, and thank them for supporting the worthy cause. The hope was it would drive a positive reaction and help customers remember the environmental reasons they were buying from Goodfair.


Within Goodfair’s checkout flow, they did not require customers to provide their phone number but included an optional field which almost 50% of customers filled out.  Their Shopify storefront made it really easy to configure a texting tool to send messages to new customers after they purchased and having the founder of Goodfair personally give thanks for the support was such a cool experience.


When Goodfair reaches out to customers using Tape, 70% open the message and 94% of responses to the outreach are either positive or customer service related.  The positive reaction from their community is part of the brand flywheel that Goodfair relies on to drive its business and mission forward.

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