Effective Lead Response in Sales

A new lead comes in—the clock is ticking. How much time do you think you have to respond before your lead falls off the radar? In today’s competitive world, your response speed is your biggest competitive advantage, and this is particularly true when selling to consumers and small/local businesses. The longer you take to respond […]

Using Yarn on Elastic Beanstalk

We needed to get one of our Node.js environments is running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and we use Yarn over NPM as our Node package manager of choice. After spending a ton of time Googling and searching Stack Overflow, we were finally able to identify a solution to reliably disable NPM and use Yarn to […]

Customer Spotlight: Coast Tradelines

Coast Tradelines provides reliable and affordable Authorized User tradelines to boost customers’ credit to help them achieve their financial goals. Objective Coast Tradelines receives thousands of leads every month through their lead generation efforts across a variety of digital channels. Their objective was to improve the conversion rate of captured leads to live sales calls. […]

Staying Out Of Trouble with SMS Marketing

It’s important for a business to understand the compliance issues regarding SMS marketing. With a 98% open rate, SMS has now become the go-to marketing channel for both big and small businesses. However, SMS marketing comes with a bunch of SMS compliance laws and practices that you should know about. Compliance isn’t that complex, but […]