You started text marketing, don’t forget this

In my previous post about where to get started with texting strategies for businesses, I was clear that the starting point was the same for any business. Go capture mobile numbers. Whether you know how you want to text your customers or not, start collecting the numbers and you can figure out the rest later. […]

Customer Spotlight: Goodfair

Goodfair is a green eCommerce brand focused on addressing the wastefulness of the fashion industry by selling 100% recycled clothing. The main products they offer are mystery products that allow consumers to buy types of clothing without knowing the exact product they’re getting.  For instance, you can buy a medium flannel shirt but you won’t […]

Start your texting strategy HERE.

At Tape we’re very focused on transforming what is essentially a simple notification (business SMS/text messages) into a robust and meaningful touch point that can build business relationships, delight customers, and communicate more deeply. In this line of business we’re constantly evaluating text messaging strategies for businesses and have done significant work helping start organizations […]

Customer Spotlight: Pact Insurance

Pact Insurance is a next generation car insurance company that helps modern car owners buy coverage how and when they want it.  Pact’s mobile app streamlines the quote application process and “Pact Pause” ensures customers don’t spend money covering a car they aren’t using. Background Pact Insurance uses a mobile app to collect information from […]

Supercharged Fundraising on Tape

Fundraising is the lifeblood of all types of worthy organizations. Whether you’re the Red Cross, a local Girl Scouts troop, a national Fraternity, or a candidate for president of the United States, asking for donations drives the operating budgets for over a million organizations in the US alone. Over the years, the ways these types […]

5 ways to improve SMS marketing with video stories

In 2019, Tape enhanced over 700k SMS messages with our mobile video platform. These enterprise messages were sent by a wide range of customers from insurance providers to prominent political figures who all faced a similar challenge: how do you engage in a way that’s casual enough for the channel yet detailed enough to get […]

Brick & Mortar is Dead. Long live Brick & Mortar!

The continued relevance of traditional retail in the digital age This originally appeared as a guest post on Proof Factor’s blog One of the most fascinating storylines I’ve been able to watch unfold during my career in technology, first as a product lead in consumer internet then as a venture capital investor and now as […]