How to Integrate Wufoo Forms with Tape

This page will walk you through, step by step, how to integrate you existing Wufoo forms with Tape. This assume you already have a form created. If you don’t, this is still easy to follow and the instructions are still applicable if you are creating a new form from scratch.


Step 1: Update existing forms

Edit the existing forms in Wufoo in order to add both a Mobile Number field and a campaignId field.

Edit the forms with the Form Manager

Add a new field with the Label: Mobile Number and field type Phone (your choice whether to make this required or not).

Add a phone field labeled: Mobile Number

Add a hidden Single Line Text field, by selecting Single Line Text. Set the field label to campaignId and add the CSS Layout Keyword hide (this will make sure this field is not visible in the form itself). Inside the Predefined Text section, specify the campaignId associated with that form — you can find the Campaign ID inside the Tape Dashboard.

Add a hidden single line text field called campaignId

Save your form!

Step 2: Set up Tape Integration

Go back to the Form Manager. Select the three-dots menu and click on Notifications

Set up Notifications for your Wufoo form in the Form Manager

In the to Another Application box, select WebHook from the drop down then press Add Integration

Select WebHook from the drop down
Press the Add Integration button

Enter the following information into the as a WebHook box:
Your WebHook URL: contact your account manager
Your WebHook Handshake Key: contact your account manager
Make sure the box is checked that says: Include Field and Form 
Structures with Entry Data

Update the settings for the WebHook with info above

Press Save!