See what everyone's talking about 

Perfect for creating dense spoken content


Easy to learn, no post-production editing needed

Capture multiple angles in one take

Record when you're speaking, not when you're thinking

Shareable Links

Dynamic previews

Easy access via sharesheet


Recording a tape instantly creates a link that can easily be shared via any platform

Read Receipts

Understand who you need to follow up with

Discover which tapes are most effective

Get push notifications when your tapes are viewed

Tape's features make it dead simple to create visual-first messages that are organized in a story and shareable anywhere

Mobile First, Available Everywhere

Designed for viewing and recording wherever and whenever. Available on iOS, Android, and web.

...and more

Feature Requests

“I've never seen anything as powerful at making video an easy to use tool as Tape's jumpcut  feature combined with the story format.”

Leslie Johnson
Head of University Research

Tape is proudly built by Unicorn Science, Inc.
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Slack Integration

Mirror your channels in Tape and cross-post into Slack to make it easy to view/respond on either platform.

Optimized for iMessage

Automatic previews on iOS devices make tapes amazingly eye-catching

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Story Format

Tell a story with multiple scenes

Use posts within a story to show off different angles or include multiple speakers


Organize a tape with multiple posts to create a full "story"